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Child Access and Visitation

child access and visitation

In many cases, child access and visitation (or “possession and access” as the State of Texas refers to it) is referred to as a Standard Possession Order. This order, used statewide, strives to make visitation fair, to make sure there is access to the children for both parties, and to protect the best interests of the children. Access may be limited by many factors, however. We are happy to discuss these at length with you regarding your particular concerns.

Typically, when children are three years old or older, a Standard Possession Order provides the following: visitation on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends of the month; during alternating school spring breaks; 30 days during the summer; every other Thanksgiving; and split Christmas Vacation, school vacations, and other holidays throughout the year. Parties who live more than 100 miles apart have a slightly different visitation schedule.

Although these guidelines have become the standard, and they work for thousands of families across the state, we realize every family is unique. We work hard to design custom visitation plans that work for the child taking into consideration each parent’s strengths, weaknesses and parenting abilities.

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