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Paternity Suit

family law paternity suitsOur San Antonio family law firm serves fathers and mothers across Texas in paternity actions. Paternity disputes are, at their core, simply when the parties do not agree on the identity of the biological father of a child.

There are three common types of paternity cases:

  • A husband does not think he is the father of his wife’s child;
  • A mother seeks child support for a child from a man she alleges is the father, or;
  • A father wants to establish paternity so he can obtain visitation rights or custody of a child.

At The Whitley Law Firm, we recognize just how important it is for a child to have a meaningful relationship with his or her father. Establishing paternity is not just an important step to nurture the bond that a child can share with their father, establishing paternity allows the child to receive the financial resources he or she needs to flourish.

Where these cases get complicated is in the timelines. If you have been served with a paternity suit or are seeking to establish paternity for a minor child, do not wait, contact us today. Paternity suits are subject to several time limitations. We help our clients understand the time restrictions that may limit a parentage or paternity suit, especially one seeking retroactive child support.

As an additional resource, we encourage you to review these basic questions about Texas paternity law.

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