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Child Support

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We represent both those parties who are ordered to pay child support, as well as those who expect to receive it.

If you were awarded child support, but cannot seem to collect it, we are here to help. We work closely with the Office of the Attorney General to enforce Child Support Orders.

If you were ordered to pay child support, and your circumstances have drastically changed due to a job loss, illness or other unforeseen event, let us help you get and stay in compliance with the law while keeping your head above water.

Texas law outlines basic guidelines for child support. It is the same no matter what county you reside in. The guidelines require the non-primary possessory parent to pay a percentage of their income to support the child or children. When the monthly net income is equal to or less than $7,500.00, the court calculates as follows:

  • 1 child – 20% of net income
  • 2 children – 25% of net income
  • 3 children – 30% of net income
  • 4 children – 35% of net income
  • 5 children – 40% of net income
  • 6 or more children – No less than 40%

Things such as day care, college expenses, summer camp or extracurricular activities are not considered child support. Texas does not usually require the non-primary parent to pay for “extras” even if those things seem vital in your case. However, additional child support above the guidelines may be awarded if a child has special needs, in other exceptional circumstances, and by agreement. Additionally, the parent paying is often required to maintain health insurance for the children and generally must pay half of any medical expenses not covered by that health insurance policy.

We understand that while the situation may often be difficult for either parent, there is help available. In fact, we see cases like this quite often and have been able to help many people facing situations just like yours. For a free consultation, please contact us today.

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