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Everyone loves a testimonial…Reviews from current or former clients can be an excellent resource for people who find they need to hire a lawyer. Getting a peek into other people’s first hand experiences allows anyone to make more informed decisions. The down side to relying on testimonials found on any lawyer’s individual website is that the reviews posted tend to be only the positive ones.

Although we could post “hand picked” client reviews here on our site, in the interest of being honest and open with potential clients, we don’t.

If you would like to read REAL and unedited former client testimonials of their individual experiences at The Whitley Law Firm, we have provided honest reviews from AVVO below. AVVO is an independent company that has developed a rating system for legal services. No lawyer can pay to increase or change their ratings in anyway. Although the rating system is believed to have some flaws, the REVIEWS are placed there by clients, for clients and are untouched. See for yourself.

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